Meet the family

The Live, Love, Breathe Kids
Have you ever tried to get a nice, serious picture of 7 kids? It's impossible!

Argh!!!!!! I give up!! <wink> Aren't they cute?

Chris, age 20, first son to Heidi and fixer of all things technical. Not much could happen in the Live, Love, Breathe household without him. When he's not busy fixing something that we've broken or infected, he's a full-time college student and part-time comic creator.

Krystal, age 18, aka “The Miracle”.  She is daughter to Heidi and talented artist. Krystal is sheer determination and a pure badass.  A book could be written about all the ways she is awesome but for now let’s just say, in 2008 she walked through death and came out the other side victorious.  

Levi, age 13. Although his talents are many, he mostly enjoys BMX bike riding and football…and girls, but that’s another story. Sigh. He's giving his mother a run for her money. There isn't enough time or energy in all of creation to keep up with his mischief. Thankfully, that boyhood energy is teamed up with a true desire to help others and work hard. When he's not in school or goofing off with this friends, Levi can be found out back chopping wood, cutting grass, or well, working hard.

  Nik, age 12, is in the 6th grade and a great student. He plays the Sax in band at school and video games at home. Even though he's a quiet one, you have to watch out for him and his crazy sense of the time he drew eyebrows, a mustache and beard on Lucas - with a Sharpie!

  Josiah, aka Jofro, is 9. Can you tell that I let the kids pick their profile pictures? It's all about him, baby! Josiah is a great brother and very caring son. He enjoys cub scouts, digging in the backyard, drawing pictures and spending time at his besties house. 

Lucas, age 6 is just finishing up Kindergarten. He likes digging in the backyard, making mud pies, learning how to read, riding bikes and his mom. ;-) Here is another kid picked profile picture. Yes, he also likes money. He's a great saver. I think he has more money in savings than I do!

Mason, age 4, is pretty excited about starting Kindergarten in the fall. He has a special story. Grandson to Heidi, he came to live with her at age 8 months old. She has since adopted him. It's a strange feeling adopting someone and raising them as your own, knowing full well that if you could have one wish it would be for the hands of time to erase all that has happened so that he could be returned to the one who gave him life...all the while being so very grateful with your whole soul that he is alive and well because he is with you...

Heidi has been a single parent for most of the last 24 years. Through an interesting series of events she is able to stay home with the kids as a "work mostly at home mom". Full-time mom and caretaker, she is also a part-time Respiratory Therapist. With dreams of home ownership, self-sufficiency, and off-grid living she is working hard to maximize income, reduce expenses, and increase the family savings. Raising 8 kids on a single mom's income hasn't been easy. "How do you do it!?" is the question she often hears. This blog will serve as both an answer to that question and a place to record all the great things that are coming our way. 


Heather, 24, Heidi's first born. Heather is out on her own now so will only be featured from time to time here on Live, Love, Breathe...except of course, when we are walking down memory lane. There are a lot of those.