Thursday, March 29, 2012

How I Just Saved $133 Per Month** on my Cable Bill (and $5 on Internet) With a Simple Phone Call, And You Can Too!

Do you ever get fed up paying high prices for your TV service? I do. When I opened my bill last month I was in for a real surprise – my third price increase in less than 12 months! Right then and there I decided to call up my provider to see what we could work out. Twenty minutes on the phone saved me $138 per month. This is how I did it…

I told them to turn off the service. Between, Netflix and Redbox there isn’t anything I’m missing. I read a great little book that showed me the way. Thanks to the information I found here, this week I have enjoyed the entire season on The River, current episodes of GCB and I’ve been watching Monk from season 1 episode 1 straight through, all thanks to these websites.

As a bonus, when my service provider realized they were losing my TV business, in an effort to keep me as a customer, they offered me $5 per month off my internet bill. This was great since I wasn’t even planning on switching!

That was quite possibly the most profitable $0.99 investment I have made to date.

** Of course your actual savings will depend on your current monthly rate. ;-)